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Instructions for contributors

The Cahiers d’Études africaines (CEA) welcome the submission of manuscripts in English or in French (see Instructions aux auteurs) from scholars and postgraduate students. Submitted papers should not have been published elsewhere. Once his/her article has been accepted for publication by the CEA, the author shall inform the CEA should he/she consider publishing the article in another journal.

Manuscripts not accepted for publication are not normally returned to authors unless their return is specifically requested.

Contributors are asked to follow the requirements set out below, which, as well as facilitating the Editor's work, are intended to avoid errors, limit corrections and speed up publication. The CEA reserve the right to return any article accepted for publication with the request that it be reworked according to these guidelines.


• Contributions should be clearly typed in double spacing, preferably on A4 paper. They can be sent by floppy disc (WORD or RTF format for Mac or PC, specifying which version has been used), or by email.

• The main divisions within the text should be clearly indicated, and subheadings should be given to each part.

• Authors should pay particular attention to normalising the spelling adopted for terms in vernacular languages. Such terms should be italicised and not put into quotation marks. The diacritic marks should be clearly identifiable (the transcription system used being indicated if need be).

• A complete bibliography will be presented at the end of the article. It should contain all published works (books and articles) referred to, listed alphabetically by author's names : please refer to our pattern hereinafter [pdf]:

• Simple references in the text shall be inserted as follows: (David 1957: 153-165, 256; Dylan 1982: 43).

• Footnotes will be numbered consecutively throughout the article. Notes concerning Tables should be asterisked and attached to the Table. They are not included in the continuous numbering.

• Maps and figures should be presented on a separate page, with a title and number (if they have be drawn on a computer, please register it under PICT, or inform us of the software used). Their location should be clearly marked in the margin of the article. If they are not original documents, their origin should be mentioned.

• For each article, a summary not exceeding 15 lines (roughly 200 words) and five or six keywords will be provided by the author.

Book reviews

The CEA also publish book reviews. Although reviewers are usually directly solicited by the CEA editors, submissions are also welcome. In general book reviews should not exceed 2,000 words.


Revised copies of articles may be read and corrected by the authors provided they can give the Editors an address through which they can be contacted without delay. A copy of the edited manuscript will be sent to the author for a final revision before setting. However, the galley-proofs will not be submitted to the authors.


Each author will receive a print copy of the journal as well as a PDF copy of the whole issue and a PDF offprint of their article.


All correspondence (manuscripts, books, periodicals, etc.) should be addressed to: Cahiers d’études africaines. École des hautes études en sciences sociales. 10, rue Monsieur le Prince. 75006 Paris. France.

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